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If you are looking for the best unique rain umbrella shop on the market, then you are in the right place. La Bella Umbrella’s mission is to brighten up rainy days with beautiful, cheerful designs. You deserve to walk the streets with a fashionable umbrella that brings out your personality, matches your outfit or suits your sense of style. Our umbrellas are meticulously designed, with handpicked materials of the best quality for your ultimate protection. So leave the black umbrella at home and stay dry in style.

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Automatic high quality unique umbrella in gift box poppies

Auto Open/Close Umbrella

This portable automatic umbrella is really easy to use! Its fully automated mechanism is simple – press the button on the handle to open and close the umbrella quickly.

This windproof umbrella is perfect for you if you’re looking for:

– The best women’s folding umbrella that is auto open-close 

– A unique fashion umbrella that is wind-resistant yet collapsable 

– A high quality large canopy umbrella that is portable & easy to carry 

– A luxury gift for your mother or daughter (each umbrella comes in a gift box!) 

– A designer umbrella in a carrying pouch – great for stylish travellers! 

Kaleidoscope Stained Glass Compact stylish umbrella

Lightweight Manual Umbrella

The lightest travel umbrella available, open and close this portable folding umbrella by hand with a safe and easy to use push up button. 

This umbrella is for you if you’re looking to buy: 

– A great gift for travellers that need a small umbrella to fit in a bag  

– Small gift ideas for coworkers (each comes in a gorgeous gift box!) 

– A unique fold up umbrella that is easy to use but also wind-resistant

– A compact umbrella with a very large canopy that still folds up small 

– The perfect gift for women on the go

Folk art large two-person golf rain umbrella with hook handle

Large Canopy Stick Umbrella

This heavy-duty but lightweight all-fiberglass stick umbrella is durable and extra strong. So you can rest assured that you will stay perfectly dry with this large stylish umbrella! 

This umbrella is great for you if you’re looking to buy: 

– The best large canopy windproof umbrella in Canada 

– A sturdy two-person umbrella with shoulder straps for easy carrying 

– A unique teacher gift idea (perfect for bus duty) or a romantic couple gift (a large umbrella for two people!)

– A classy umbrella best for strong wind and rain

– The best umbrella for dog walking with a unique hooked “J” handle 

Sunflower double layer inverted umbrella

Reverse/Inverted Umbrella

The inverted umbrella is the newest trend in the best windproof rain umbrellas. A double layer umbrella, its canopy opens and closes inside out to keep you dry when you get into and out of your car. 

This unique umbrella is for you if you’re looking for: 

– A fancy umbrella for ladies that has a gorgeous design on both sides of the canopy

– A good quality Canadian umbrella for your car

– A stylish windproof umbrella with vented bottom layer

– A designer umbrella with unique handle – straight with a rubber coated grip 

– The best umbrellas to buy in 2020 – stay trendy and fashionable! 




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