Creative Wedding Themes Inspired by Our Umbrellas

Choosing the best theme for your wedding is no easy task. Trying to find something that’s meaningful to you and your partner, and enjoyable for your guests, can really take the joy out of wedding planning. If you’re looking for a fun and unique idea, check out these top 10 wedding themes inspired by our umbrellas!Travel Themed Wedding If you are a travel enthusiast this is the wedding theme for you! Put up maps as décor and pin destinations that you want to visit with your partner. Bonus points if they have a vintage feel to add a touch of charm to the whole affair. A great idea for the seating chart is using the names of the places on your bucket list. Another cute prop that can be used is a globe. Use it as a creative guestbook or as a centerpiece. Look though our travel themed umbrellas and be inspired by the magnificent views. You can also have them as props for your guests for some creative wedding photography.           Umbrella with gift box IndiaFlower Themed Wedding Great for the bride and groom who have a green thumb! This wedding theme is relatively easy to pull off so if you don’t have too much time on your hands this is the theme for you. You can also choose a specific flower to focus on, such as the classic rose or the gorgeous magnolia to be the centre of attention. Incorporate flower crowns for the bridesmaids and the flower girl. What better way to highlight the theme than to have gorgeous flower umbrellas as beautiful props or party favours. Flowers might not last forever, but these custom made umbrellas will make your guests happy for a long time, making your wedding an affair that keeps living in their memories.           Wedding          Umbrella with gift box MagnoliasWinter Wonderland Themed Wedding If you hold a special place in your heart for the magical winter months this is the theme for you! Sparkling lights that illuminate the whole venue is a great way to deliver that enchanting atmosphere of a frosty winter’s night. The main colours of this theme would be frosty silver and cool indigo. You can also pair the silver with a hot red to add a touch of colour. If you are thinking what other wedding accessory you need, try adding a gorgeous umbrella for a unique wedding photoshoot. Or use the custom rain accessory as a party favour for your guests so that they can keep a part of the night with them forever.                                Umbrella with gift box Winter WonderlandPeacock A Peacock themed wedding gives off a luxurious vibe. This theme can also be combined with the 20’s Great Gatsby scene by adding over the top outfits and sparkling accessories such as headbands and necklaces. Peacock feathers can be added into bouquets, centre pieces or into the bride’s and bridesmaids’ hair styles. What better way to highlight the theme even further than to add some cute luxury rain apparel to the mix. Use the fabulous Peacock Umbrella as a wedding accessory when you or your guests take stunning wedding photos.       Umbrella with gift box PeacockStarry Night This creative wedding idea is not only for the art lover, but also for the person who loves everything to dazzle. The main colours for this unique wedding theme are indigo, navy, silver, and gold. If you are a fan of everything sparkly you can really work with this theme. However don’t forget to give homage to Van Gogh’s stunning masterpiece by incorporating it in your wedding accessories. Try out these beautifully patterned umbrellas that will go perfect with the décor.                           Umbrella with gift box Van Gogh Starry NightBlack and White This is definitely one of those all-time classic wedding themes. You can’t go wrong with an elegant black and white motif. It’s time for the girls to pull out their little black dress for this wedding; this is the theme where black tie is not optional! Simple details such as having a black and white wedding cake and same coloured wedding favours can make the theme come to life. You can also get very creative by getting some unique props such as the clock umbrella to use for artistic wedding pictures.                   Umbrella with gift box ClockJapan Themed Wedding Order sushi as the main course and I’m sure your guests will love you! There is so much to be done with a Japan themed wedding from Sakura trees décor to the red and white colours that can be incorporated in the bridesmaid dresses, table clothes, chairs and dining ware. Think about a beautiful cake with delicate Sakura flowers as the decorations. Use the beautiful Japan umbrellas as props to take pictures with or just as décor for the entire event.             Umbrella with gift box JapanItalian Themed Wedding Transport your guests to one of the most vibrant countries in the world with this theme! Little bite size pizzas and antipasti will go great during the cocktail reception. As for the dessert, cannoli and tiramisu are a great option. Get inspired by the beautiful views of Venice and Rome while you think about the décor for the venue. Think about the green, white and red colour theme that can be used in the flower arrangements and centrepieces. To top it all off bring out these custom made umbrellas as a unique wedding accessory or as part of the decoration for the big day.       Umbrella with gift box VeniceEngland Themed Wedding The staple red phone booth is a great prop to take photos with that your guests will absolutely love. Name the tables as the stops of the underground or as cities in England, obviously leaving London for the bride and groom’s table. Rent out a double-decker to get your guests from the ceremony to the venue. Don’t forget to incorporate umbrellas into this theme to deliver your guests to the rainy streets of London. They can use these creative wedding accessories as props to take picture with beside the phone booth!       Umbrella with gift box LondonFrench Themed Wedding Transport your guest to one of the most romantic cities of the world! Your cocktail reception will not be complete without some hors d’oeuvres such as escargot and canapé in accordance with the theme. Don’t forget to get some macarons for the dessert table and your guests will surely feel like they are in a French pastry shop. You can also add a touch of chic by incorporating the delicate Paris umbrellas into the décor as use them as wedding accessories for the bridal party.      Umbrella with gift box Paris 

By Lizzie PoliakovaFeatured images via weheartit

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