The Canadian Take on the Best Red Umbrella Collection by La Bella Umbrella

A red umbrella is the perfect way to reinvent any wardrobe. A red boost of colour is the ultimate statement piece for any fashionista. Start your own collection of unique accessories by picking up a few of these designer red umbrellas. This collection of rain gear will inspire you to be bold and stand out. Red is the best way to catch the attention of someone special or simply as a way to boost your own self-confidence. 

Six stunning red umbrellas designed in Canada

Red is known for being the colour of passion. Show off your romantic side with the Wedding Roses Umbrella that also acts as a great prop in wedding photos. Sweep everyone off their feet with the whimsical Winter Wonderland Umbrella. You will be showered with compliments when you pair the gorgeous Strawberry Umbrella with any rainy-day outfit. Create a classic look with the beautiful London Umbrella or Moscow Umbrella. Add a touch of red without overpowering your look with the Wild Poppies Umbrella. 

Don’t be afraid to wear red

Red is a bold colour that scares away many people who might not know the best way to wear it. Have no fear! A simple statement piece like a bold red purse or a red umbrella is the perfect way to introduce this brilliant colour into any wardrobe. There are a wide range of hues, so find the one that matches your personality best. Try sporting bright reds like the Strawberry Umbrella or tone it down with rich scarlets like the Wedding Roses Umbrella or the Wild Poppies Umbrella. Any red that you choose will help you stand out from the crowd and feel confident in the process.

A red accessory goes great with anything

  • Pair a red accessory with basic blacks and whites to show your powerful side. The London Umbrella is a great way to stay classy while adding character to any rainy-day outfit. 
  • Whether you want to keep it casual or play it up for a date night, red accessories make any outfit special. Go from business casual to a fun night out ensemble by adding a splash of red with the Winter Wonderland Umbrella. 
  • If you are tired of your usual workday ensemble, spice it up with a bold red piece like the Wild Poppies Umbrella. The deep yellows and purples add to the stunning red flower on the windproof canopy of this unique umbrella.


Everyone needs red in their wardrobe

Red is a statement colour. It’s associated with energy and passion. If you want to attract lady luck, wear red, it stands for prosperity and strength. This warm colour helps any fashionista stand out from the crowd and makes you appear confident and poised. Having a red statement piece is a great way to brighten up any outfit without trying too hard. The stunning red canopy of La Bella Umbrella rain gear is not only a way to make a statement, but it is also strong enough to withstand sudden storms, giving you piece of mind whenever you step outside.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your wardrobe with a passionate red umbrella. “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” – Bill Blass