Fashionable Inverted/Reverse Umbrellas: High-Quality Rain Gear Meets Trendy Design

If you’re tired of having your rain gear turned inside out by the wind, the inverted umbrella is calling out your name! The reversible umbrella will withstand any weather, thanks to its windproof design. Plus, the distinct form of the inverted umbrella makes it easy to open and close while you are comfortably settled in your car.

Unique umbrella with gift box - Wild Poppies
Wild Poppies Upper Canopy
Upside down umbrella - Wild Poppies
Wild Poppies Lower Canopy

Everything needs an upgrade these days, even your rain gear. Trade in your old model for a new inverted umbrella to get the maximum protection during rainy days. The reverse umbrella is the perfect companion to anyone who is out on a walk or simply trying to run a few meters from the car to work. Every household needs to have an inverted umbrella because the benefits of this unique design are too great to pass up.

The reverse umbrella is mess-free

The worst part of the rain is when the wet weather comes indoors. Spare yourself the cleanup with the inverted umbrella. Don’t let the rain make its way into your house by dripping off your umbrella; trap it inside with the upside-down design. The unique technology that went into the structure of this umbrella traps the water inside the durable canopy fabric and prevents drips, spills, and messes. Your reversible umbrella not only helps you stay dry in style, but it also keeps everything else from getting wet once it’s time to put it away.

Reverse umbrella - Wild Poppies
Inverted rain umbrella - Wild Poppies

The La Bella Umbrella inverted umbrella is what you get when you combine the practicality of the windproof design with the distinctive form of a fashionable rain accessory. Get the best of both worlds with the reverse umbrella – stay dry but also make your style stand out with this gorgeous rain apparel. The unique design is featured on both sides of the canopy, so everyone can get the most out of the beautiful view!

Upside down umbrella - Vintage Roses
Vintage Roses
Upside down umbrella - Trillium
Upside down umbrella - Sunflowers
Upside down umbrella - Dragonfly

Stay dry inside while you open your reversible umbrella

Many of us have experienced a moment of panic when we are struggling to open the umbrella once we already stepped out of the building or car. You can prevent this by getting a reverse umbrella. You will be able to keep dry through every part of your journey by going outside only when the umbrella is securely above your head. Your rainy-day commute just got easier with an umbrella that has an inverted design.

The upside-down umbrella is a great companion for any driver

Your car becomes your safe haven when you are trying to get home and escape the bothersome downpour. The only problem is when the rain follows you into your car. The drops from the wet umbrella can form annoying puddles where you want them the least. The solution to this pesky problem is simple, use a reverse umbrella. Not only will you keep the inside of your car dry, but this umbrella is also easy to open and close without having to step out of the car. Plus, the compact design makes this reversible umbrella the perfect size to store inside your vehicle. You will no longer have to worry about forgetting your umbrella at home when it is with you whenever you go for a drive.

Sunflowers Reverse Umbrella

The inverted umbrella spares you the battle with the wind

The endless game of tug-of-war with the wind is not fun when all you want is to stay dry. Luckily, there is a simple solution to the annoying weather trying to swipe away your rain gear. The inverted umbrella is windproof due to its custom-made design that includes strong fabric and durable fiberglass ribs. The umbrella will feel sturdy in your hand when the wind wants to make your day more difficult. It’s time to say goodbye to your umbrella constantly flipping inside out. With the high-quality design of the inverted umbrella, your rain gear will stay in shape without collapsing.